Weird stuff!

Two people seem to have found my Sep 11 page via Google, it seems – basic as it may be.

Anyway, I just wanted to publish the two completely opposing responses just for a laugh. The first is so extreme that I think even most right wing commentators would strongly disagree with it. The second is surprisingly refreshing.

Response # 1:

“I saw what u wrote, I found it on google yesterday. u must be a terrorist cuz afghanistan deserves all it gets frmo the US, if thye have to kill every last one of those islamic bastards to pay for 9/11 then it must be done. and the serbians? well they got their reward, we shoulda nuked em. fucking animal I hope you die with osama bin lamer, enjoy fucking him in hell mate!”

Response # 2:

“Your page, while small, showed a level of insight that’s really been lacking in this whole situation, and gave us a valuable opportunity to see non-mainstream views (i.e. those that promote the value of human life generally) of the conflict. I honestly hope you expand on what you’ve done and write even more. It’s sad that many people who’ve taken the non-mainstream line have also swallowed implausible conspiracy theories and I’m glad to see that you’ve avoided that temptation. Keep up the good work.”


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