PO Box Oddities

I emptied my old PO box today (first time in 8 months). Its contents were as follows:

– a letter saying “Welcome to Telstra Messagebank” with welcome pack dated the day after I cancelled the service after 8 months of use.
– several letters from Global, despite the fact I changed my address with their people.
– a rejection letter dated August 2001 for a job I went for in January of that year. (I got the job I'm now in in June 2001.)
– various letters to a Mr G. Roy about whom I know nothing.
– a “Private and Confidential” to my then housemate, postmarked August.
– a request to pay on delivery $11.48 to the post office for a package which, it seems, was addressed to a Mr R. Owen and somehow ended up in my PO box after some clever forwarding. I didn't pay it. The Post office can keep their package 🙂

Says it all, really…


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