Islam Open Day, Perth

Just thought I'd write something about the Islam open weekend in Perth. The first part was at the Daa Wah Cultural Centre in Cannington, where we ate ridiculous amounts of free food in between learning about why Muslim women wear the hijab (the covering surrounding the head so the face is visible), some of the more routine beliefs and practices (including watching them praying), and a heap of other things. The second day was at the Perth Mosque which was sort of a question-and-answer session about Islam – I wondered why some of the people bothered to turn up there, their only purpose seemed to be trying (badly) to convert people to Christianity or Baha'i.

I think overall this was a great move by the Islamic community to improve community awareness of their real beliefs and ideas, however the problem is that with this sort of move you're only going to attract more open- or broad-minded people, and the ones they're really trying to reach simply won't go.


2 Responses to Islam Open Day, Perth

  1. Rangga says:

    excuse me, may I ask some of the muslims email in dromana/mornington?

  2. Andrew says:

    Honestly wouldn’t know (I’m neither Muslim nor in Victoria), you might want to contact an association in that area. I would suggest contacting the Dandenong mosque.

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