Composite noticeboard entry

7/1/03 – ABC’s offbeat news section. Well worth a read.

5/2/03 – A US person who’s lived in Pakistan for many years writes one of the most interesting articles I’ve seen in a while with a unique insight into both mindsets, coming out with a plea for peace, love and tolerance under the banner of God instead of the diatribe being released by the US government. – A more general article which was also interesting 🙂

All these AFIO newsletters are good reading, but this one in particular grabbed my attention:

Memorable quote:

A listing of some two dozen alleged al-Qaeda operatives and financiers’ names compiled by Justice and Treasury officials was passed to Saudi Arabian authorities with a request that the bank accounts of the individuals be frozen. The Saudis, when they stopped laughing, told the US the list amounted to a bunch of nicknames, Arabic versions of mobster handles such as “Vinny the Chin.”

re – Emergency calls (in particular people phoning 000 after the Waterfall train crash near Sydney) (ABC)

news article re: falsity of Iraq dossier ( Only a matter of time before we find out about the Powell one, I guess.

(update) as well.

The Mt Stromlo Observatory, a critical component of our national science program, was destroyed in the Canberra fires recently. The admin buildings survived as did most of the data – but they need our help to rebuild the rest.


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