Rant re web provision

NEVER EVER register a domain with hostonce.org or any of its affiliates.

They have stolen my domain name, and I have no way to get it back.

If you’re a tech savvy person, go look for yourself – the domain name is terranullius.com.

GRRR! It seems the law of petty larceny does not apply to these mugs. If someone knows Colin A. Campbell personally, punch him for me.

Edit: For non tech savvy people, this is like going to Fair Trading to register your business name, only to find a year later that the staff of the Department have opened a shop in that name next to the local train station that doesn’t actually sell anything, but its presence means that you can’t reregister the name. I have wirtten to the OpenSRS people at Tucows and they’ve said the record states this wonderful gentleman has always held the name and because he says he owns it, they have to take his word on it.

Edit 2 (2006): It appears this guy Colin Campbell is some kind of Nazi. (Source: Fightdemback.org)


2 Responses to Rant re web provision

  1. Interlogue says:

    An update – Web Extortion Part II

    In an entry some three years ago, I mentioned that at the time my domain name, terranullius.com, had been stolen after a year of by my own hosting provider, which turned out to be operated by a White Power group with the rather odd name of “White…

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