The Long March (Perth style)

22 October, 2003

I finished my 3500-word assignment on Total Quality Management and cultural factors. It was long, hard, and I'm just glad it's all over. Let's hope it gets a good grade. 🙂 Last subject in my degree. Just two more weeklies and two presentations and an exam to go and it's done! I don't think the excitement will hit me until I've actually graduated though. Eight years, and now I'll finally have a Bachelor of Science to hang on the wall.

Steven and I walked home from Perth in the early hours of Sunday morning – a distance of 17.4km mostly following the Mitchell Freeway. Northbridge was abuzz with English and South African rugby fans – it was almost like New Year's except without the drunk Aboriginals. After cheering up a few South Africans and attempting to save a girl from an almost certain beating from her drunk boyfriend, we walked home. It became a rather boring journey after sunrise though, we just wanted to get home.

Anyway, that's the end of the update 😛