From this time forward, under God…

I've just become a citizen of the country I've called home for nearly 20 years, at an Australia Day ceremony. I'm all excited and happy. 😀

Information here

and the pledge is here

UPDATE: It was at a reasonably sized ceremony at a community hall in Scarborough, and the mayor, council and the local State and Federal politicians were there. After enduring a lot of boring speeches by important people, we finally got to the good bit and, small group by small group, we got called to the front, gave our pledges and presented with our citizenship certificates. Then there was drinks and nibblies out the back at the end in true Australian fashion, and I got to chat with most of the dignitaries.

The only oddities to speak of were a young African girl who was obviously proud of her and her parents' newfound status, and ran around showing anyone and everyone her certificate and beaming for the cameras, and an Irish guy with the same surname as me who was dressed like a soccer fan and chewed gum right through the pledge.


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