OMG! (Reality TV; Keating quotes)

29 May, 2004

Sticky end painted for reality TV

British television viewers who say they would rather watch paint dry than the likes of Big Brother have had their wish granted. A show called Watching Paint Dry is available on the internet. Each day a different type of paint is applied to a wall and filmed drying. Viewers can vote for their favourite colour and finish.

Oh and for those of you who missed the Pre-Howard Era, a great site detailing Paul Keating’s wonderful contributions to the English language. Parliament actually used to be a more interesting place than under Howard…


Makes you think.

17 May, 2004

Bit of news I came across – well, news for me as if it was reported here I didn’t see it – actor Jonathon Brandis, probably most famous for his role as Lucas, the whiz kid in Seaquest DSV, suicided age 27 in November last year. I guess it kind of struck me as he seemed from interviews etc that I’d seen to be one of those type of people who took things as they came and was pretty positive about life. I guess people hide a lot of things they don’t necessarily want the world (or even their friends) to see.

RIP 1976-2003

ROFL! (Saddam silliness)

15 May, 2004

Just a moment of total Saddam silliness… to the tune of “Hey Ya” by Outkast

Click here.

Amusement – Online Mixups

11 May, 2004

Have a laugh at this story from the BBC – poor guy 😛