From Toronto – In answer

Just a quick update from Toronto so y’all know how things are going 🙂

Firstly, those who check my blog regularly will be getting much more by way of updates. The last week has been slow due to either a lack of time or reliable Internet access. I’m going to fix up some of my more recent entries as well so keep an eye on those.

Secondly, my poor camera is sick and can’t be fixed until it gets back to Perth. Poor thing 😦 It has no shutter button so I have to use paper clips to take photos, and the surface is a bit scratched up, but the core bits of it still work great.

Thirdly, Niagara Falls is awesome.

Fourthly, although this should have been obvious from the context of my various entries, in response to one email, I do not hate the US, and most definitely not its people. That being said, I despise nationalism, and I despise fanaticism. There is a difference between patriotism and nationalism. I admit to being patriotic when it comes to Australia, and this has probably been strengthened by my overseas travel. However, it’s not “Australia or die”, nor is it saying that Australia is better than the rest of the world. I can handle criticism of my country or the sharing of negative experiences with it, and certainly would not choose to end a friendship with someone because they do not love my country.

Anyway, pissed-off rant over, I will update da blog now. See yas all later. And for anyone in Toronto, feel free to contact me to meet up.


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