Amusing Hansard from 2003

This blog will be back up to normal operation soon. In the meantime… it’s sadly not often that Parliament is something other than boring or childishly adversarial, so when looking for something else, I was quite amused to find this from our own Upper House back on 3 Dec 2003 about some land down near Kojonup. To cut a long story short, an A-class reserve in the area was being excised for logging. Enquiries revealed that there was nothing to log, given it had been illegally cleared in 1975, so Greens MLC Dee Margetts was curious to know why it was listed for logging. The humorous bit is a debate about broom bush, which from the description appears to be the same as the brush fences one sees everywhere in suburban Adelaide:

Hon DEE MARGETTS (Grn): No explanation has been given for this concept of the Department of Conservation and Land Management, which comes to us via the amendment of the Minister for Planning and Infrastructure. If it is simply for the provision of broom bush to undercut other aspects of private industry for the provision of the gardening trade –

Hon Murray Criddle (Nat): What is broom bush?

Hon DEE MARGETTS: I am no expert, but I understand that it is a fencing material, which is a sort of grey –

Hon Murray Criddle: Tea-tree?

Hon Christine Sharp (Grn): It is similar.

Hon Ken Travers (ALP): It has beautiful flowers.

Hon DEE MARGETTS: Quite possibly. It is often used in new housing developments because it is a relatively cheap but quite attractive form of fencing.

Hon Murray Criddle: I know what you mean.

Hon DEE MARGETTS: It is wired together.

Hon Ken Travers: Broom bush is really pretty when it is in flower.

Hon DEE MARGETTS: It probably is when it is alive.


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