Update post – Where have I been?

Firstly sorry for the lack of updates, and thanks to all who have commented on my entries thus far and emailed me!

I am sadly laid up with a flu at the moment, and up until taking sick on Friday, was working on some local history stuff for both expanding my own knowledge about Western Australia and also getting fit taking photos for the project (2kg down, 14 to go … I’m slowly winning the battle of the bulge!). Some of the results are already on Wikipedia, but the plan is to get a massive snapshot of Perth in 2006. I’ve lived through a lot of the development and wish I had have kept something from those now-long-gone past times when my school bus used to roll past service station after service station down Wanneroo Road, back when there was no Reid Highway, no tunnel, no Central Park, no railway (anyone remember the 396 or the 727 “Fastworker”? :))

The results of my research have been interesting and eerily current – the most recent example, I stood on a block and took a number of photographs, and 6 days later saw Alannah McTiernan standing on the same spot on Channel 7. There’s a lot to write about Perth, but boy, you have to be diligent to even find it! Don’t even try to find it in the media – it’s just not there at all. I’ll also be submitting some of the more currentish stuff to PerthNorg, and may look into what options exist for hosting a server in Perth, which I can do once serious income comes my way in 2008.

I will update right away soon with two opinion pieces on two issues I consider vital. It seems while the rather public coup took place in Thailand we’ve got a silent one going on right now from our federal government of a kind never before seen in Australia. (Update: flu = evil)


2 Responses to Update post – Where have I been?

  1. Simone says:

    Great to hear you’re still alive Andrew! Was wondering why you were so quiet!
    Look forward to reading the posts!

  2. Simone says:

    Sorry, and should have said: get well soon, and we’ll see the post when you’re feeling better!!


    p.s. I think your time zone is wrong somewhere, I wrote the above comment late in the evening, not at 4pm! 🙂

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