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“Top 10 Lies by Australian PM John Howard” by Vishal Sharma, brought to my attention by PerthNorg.

I have compiled these top 10 lies by second longest serving Prime Minister of Australia – Mr. John Howard. These are his top 10 lies which has affected the Australian community deeply and the damage caused by this is irreparable.

1. his comments are being “read out of context”

2. he “wasn’t told or had wrong advice”

3. “The Australian Government knows that Iraq still has chemical and biological weapons and that Iraq wants to develop nuclear weapons.” “Iraq continues to work on developing nuclear weapons-uranium has been sought from Africa that has no civil nuclear application in Iraq”
4 February 2003

4. “The Government’s position remains that we were advised by Defence that children were thrown overboard, we made those allegations on the basis of that advice, and until I get Defence advice to the contrary I will maintain that position”. 9 November 2001

5. “Nothing can alter the fact that I have in my possession an ONA report that states baldly . . . that children were thrown in the water.” 8 November 2001

6. “No, there’s no way that a GST will ever be part of our policy.” 2 May, 1995

7. “It is our policy, without qualification, to retain Medicare . . . Not only does Medicare stay but so does bulk billing . . . They are the fundamentals, the underpinnings of the policy.” 12 February 1996

8. “I can guarantee we’re not going to have $100,000 university degree courses.” 15 October 1999

9. “There’ll be no more than a 1.9% rise in ordinary beer.” 23 September 1998

10. “I can promise you that we will follow policies which will, over a period of time, bring down the foreign debt . . . our first priority in Government economically will be to tackle the current account deficit.” 20 September 1995

I have always believed that politics is the best place to test your lying and deception capability and John Howard has done that brilliantly in his political carrier. Prime minister you are leading by example!


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